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Feb. 9, 2019 One of the busiest producers and among the most prolific c-jazz artists around, guitarist U-Nam is again presenting a colorful collection of original pearls worthy of inclusion in any jazz lover s library. Future Love is abundant with a solidly generous feel-good jazz vibe that surely stays with you. Here with many of the artists signed to his Skytown record label (saxman Andrew Chmut, keyboardists Valeriy Stepanov and Mattias Roos, and others) and bassist Alex Al, drummer Michael White, and a host of other contributors, the guitarist comes loaded for bear to deliver that unmistakable U-Nam groove. U-Nam s Bensonesque style and dazzling skill, speed, and fluidity on guitar has always been much more than noteworthy. Here is no different as he soars through such catchy tracks as Changes, the title track, Good Old Days, Artbeat, Before You Leave, Luther Vandross Get It Right (one of my faves here), and many more finger-snappin , head-boppin goodies. He comes up for air on the one chilled-out track, the cool amp; slow Ramp;Bish My Joy. The slick funkiness and cadence of the album is typical U-Nam flavor amp; texture. The cat definitely knows his way around a fretboard (and keyboard) and a melody. It s no wonder heavyweight guitarist George Benson likes this guy! He always brings the soul of the music with him wherever he goes. To state the obvious, good is good, but exceptional is another thing altogether. I fully expect select tracks here to find their way to the top of the charts. If you re looking for a shot of c-jazz adrenaline, Future Love has your name on a copy. Help yourself. Ronald Jackson --The Smooth Jazz Ride

Paris born guitar virtuoso Emmanuel U-Nam Abiteboul is showing his generous side again. With fifteen tracks on his new album Future Love he provides us with plenty of good music. Future Love is U-Nam's positive view of things. A large number of top-notch musicians have participated in this gigantic project. U-Nam performs guitars, bass, keyboards, synth bass, Vocoder and also made programming and editing. Further musicians are Alex Al, Dwayne "Smitty" Smith (bass), Denis Benarrosh (percussion), Fran Merante, Michael White (drums), Christian Martinez (trumpet amp; flugelhorn), Andrey Chmut (sax), Valeriy Stepanov, Mathias Roos, Bill Steinway (Rhodes), Frank Sitborn (Rhodes and Clavinet), Maria Grig (viola and violin), Kim Hansen (B3 organ), Tim "Tio" Owens, Kim Chandler (vocals), and Shannon Abiteboul (sax and flute). U-Nam loves it terrific and so the album starts with Changes uncomprisingly, volume pulled on maximum. The result is like a musical battle of George Benson and Nile Rodgers. The unbridled passion is also the main driving force of the title song and and with all the stops from George Benson's stylistic wardrobe is the enthusiasm of the audience in the bag. Good Old Days is orchestral jazz in Philly style rejuvenated with a hip guitar jubilant. Is That So takes a strong pinch of EWF in the horn arrangement and the bass run is inspired by Ryan Paris' Dolce Vita. A sonic exploratory into the musical world of the 80's. Never Knew Love was originally released by Eumir Deodato in 1984. U-Nam presents an astonishing show with his rendition featuring singer Tim "Tio" Owens. The title Artbeat is a combination of art and heartbeat, musically U-Nam dives anew into Philly ground. Before You Leave reminds me of Rick Ashley's hit Never Gonna Give You Up, U-Nam lives the vibe of the 80's! My Joy corresponds exactly to what U-Nam is most exciting about, fast heats on his guitar. Get It Right is a song by Luther Vandross from his album I Know (1998), which he had written together with bass guitarist Marcus Miller. U-Nam transfers the organic pulse of the original into his interpretation. Every Time I Think of You is a track coming from U-Nam's heart. His guitar performance on this track absolutely concentrate on the beauty of the melody. A Change of Heart is flamboyant guitar music with fat beats, shrill chords and Vocoder to the max. El Fuego (The Fire) tickles the Spanish soul with flamenco influenced rock, while U-Nam grabs the theme moving in and out and around. On Stick to It U-Nam collects anew elements of the 80's, mixes them together and reinforces a groove attack that is cutting edge. The album also offers two abbreviated variations of Future Love and Is That So? Future Love is typical U-Nam. A musical biotope of groove laden Funk and contemporary coolness. U-Nam takes his audience in storm with full attack. HBH --Smooth-Jazz.DE

U-Nam's music always brings a smile to our lips and despite the "future" promised in the title, the whole thing's very firmly grounded in the past and we mean that in the best way possible! The man's a guitarist, but one who's always most comfortable playing in the kind of groove-centric modes that occurred in the second half of the 70s when some of the looser, more open styles hit the bigger labels with crossover Ramp;B fusion work for companies like Columbia, Warner Brothers, and Kudu! Guitar lines are in the lead out front on almost all the tracks played with a spacious, thoughtful style that allows for plenty of room between the notes which really enforces the more soulful elements in the music amidst all these well-arranged midtempo grooves. Titles include "Changes", "Is That So", "Get It Right", "Artbeat", "Good Old Days", "A Change Of Heart", "My Joy", "El Fuego", and "Stick To It" --Dusty Groove USA

Future Love